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B Love Network is a new earning app for Android and iPhone users. This app provides earnings by completing simple tasks and surveys. You can Download B Love Network App and join the BLV token community. 

You can download the B Love Network app for your Android phone from the Play Store and your iPhone from the Apple App Store. After downloading this app join and earn 5x BLV tokens by watching videos, completing tasks, or simple tasks. 

If you are looking for complete information on the B Love Network App. Then we recommend you this article. After reading this you know full detailed information on this app.

What is B Love Network App?

What is B Love Network App?
App NameB Love Network
TypeOnline Earning
DeveloperBlockhub LTD.
Refreel CodeOSOBYY9YAZ
Last UpdateToday
Android Version6.0
iOS VersionSupported

B Love App is a new small earning app for smartphone users. You can earn money with basic and pro modes. In a basic mode, everybody has small earnings, and in a pro mode, everybody accesses unlimited features and a global or personal state. 

In the BLN app user earn a daily base good amount by completing small tasks, watching videos, downloading other apps, etc. The best method of this app earning is referral earning. 

This application is available on the Play Store and app store with a simple and clean interface. B Love Network app performs very fast. On this application, you get a lot of news and information about it absolutely free. 

What is B Love Token?

We also know B Love Network is a cryptocurrency staking app, Users can join this app and earn money in B Love Token, we call it BLV token. This token is a cryptocurrency token. You can earn this token by joining the referral program and global staking system.  

If you need to earn more BLV tokens, you can focus on the referral system of this app. They can help you to earn a lot of money. 

How To Download B Love Network App? 

How To Download B Love Network App? 

We share with you a very simple guide on how you can download  B Love Network App. This app is available on the play store or app store, follow the below guide and download it very easily. 

Step 1: 

As we know this app is available on the Play Store. So, for the download, you go to the Play Store and open the search tab. Type B Love Network, and open the below-highlighted image app. 

Step 2: 

Click the install button and install this on your mobile device. 

Step 3: 

This is the final step in the download process.  After the complete download open this app and run. 

How To Sing Up B Love Network Account? 

After the download B Love app, the first step for using is to sign up B Love app account, For the signup, you need your personal information, like, your number, email address, location, etc. If you are ready for this, then follow the below steps. 


Click on the signup option

Step 2:

Enter your mobile number with your country code, if you are Pakistani then select +92 and your number. 

  • Enter your email address. 
  • Write first or last name.
  • Choicec good password. 
  • Enter referral code ( OSOBYY9YAZ ) and get a free 100 B Love Token. 
How To Sing Up B Love Network Account? 

Step 3:

Click on the sign-up button. 

Step 4:

Go to your email app check the verification code enter the code and access your account. 

B Love Network App Referral Code Today

B Love Network App Referral Code Today

Use the referral code and get free 100 BLV tokens. We share with you the best referral code, and this code is ( OSOBYY9YAZ ).

This referral code can be used in any country if you are a Pakistani, Indian, or any other country resident no matter what, use this and earn a reward.

How To Login?

For the login on the B Love app, you need your username or password. If you have this, then follow the below steps. 

  • Open the B Love Network app on your mobile. 
  • Enter your username or password.
  • Click on the login button and log in.

How To Earn Money On the B Love Network App?

How To Earn Money On B Love Network App?

We have 2 ways to make money in the B Love network app, but one of the main and best methods of earning is a referral. This method gives you a good amount of earnings.

  • Dailey B Love Token Earning
  • Referral Earning

In a daily B love token earning you are not working on any special thing. After the create account. Open this app and click on the center heart option after every 24 hours. This method gives you a 1 b love token.

Remember guys, the referral program is the best earning method of this app. You earn money on your first 50 referrals people.

Download this app and create your account using this referral code ( OSOBYY9YAZ ). Then follow this method and refer other people.

Go to the home page of your app, and click the add referral option on the top left corner of the heart option. Share this link with your friends, if your friends make an account on this app, then you earn money.

B Love Token Price in Pakistan, India, UAE, and USA

B Love Token price is the same for all the countries, but sometimes country currency rates show different prices. At this time BLV token price is $0.06. This price is same for the Pakistan, India, UAE, and all other countries.

How To Buy B Love Token?

You can buy a B love token with 2 crypto exchanges. The first one is xChangeon and the second is Dexa. You are using the first or second app to buy BLV tokens, no matter if the method is the same. Follow the below guide for it.

  • We use XchangeOn for this.
  • First of all, go to the Play Store and download the app free of cost.
  • Click and register by entering your all personal information.
  • Click on BLV token with BFIC coin.
  • Enter your amount and buy.
  • After this open your App.
  • Click on the wallet option.
  • Press the Deposit button and select your token.
  • Copy this address go to the exchange and enter for deposit.

How To Withdraw BLV Token?

We know this is a crypto stacking app then you withdraw your BLV tokens in your crypto exchanges. Users use any exchange app. Then follow the below guide.

  • Open your B Love App.
  • Click on the wallet option.
  • Open withdraw option.
  • Enter your withdrawal amount like 100BLV or more and enter your exchange address.
  • Start withdrawing, they take time and give you a confirmation message.

B Love Network App is Real Or Fake?

According to the popularity of the B Love network app is real. We are also seeing, that this app gives the opportunity to make money by staking crypto. This is not only a single reason for the proof of this app real or fake.

We have a lot of reasons, we know this app owner is an MR. Omar Khan. He is working with B Love Coin own company and also gives positive thoughts about it. We know MR. Omar Khan is an expert in cryptocurrency.

For it, my suggestion is if you are interested in this app, then download and start earning today.

Frequently Asks Questions

What is B-Love App?

B Love Network is a new small crypto staking app, This app gives you the opportunity to make a good amount of earning at home.

What is B Love Token?

BLV token this network currency, your earnings is a shown in this coin. If you earn with the pro mod then you need first to deposit it, with your B Love app account.

BLV Token Price?

This is the latest price of the BLV token, and this is the same price for all countries. The price is $0.05.

What is the B Love Network Referral Code?

Use this referral code ( OSOBYY9YAZ ) and get free 100 BLV tokens on your B Love app account.

Is B Love Network app real or fake?

This is a crypto stacking app, and according to the app’s viral and positive thoughts, this app is real. And give you real earnings.

Who is B Love Owner?

Mr. Omer Khan is the owner of the B Love app and gives perfect thoughts about it. He is also the Founder of Innovation Factory.


Guys, we shared all this information about the BLN app, like, what is BLV app, how it works, and how we can make money using it.

Rember, if you are interested in earning and do not have any investment, then use basic mode and earn with basic modes, like, daily earning, and referral earning.

At the final of this article, we thank you for your visit and read this complete information. We share information related to the B Love app on this website. If you face any type of issue, ask in the comment section.

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